Build data workflows in everyday language.

AI honed into a precision instrument that keeps you in the driver's seat.

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Stop spending time on janitorial data tasks.

Data Preprocessing

Explain your clean-up steps like you would in a memo for a coworker.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Ask questions to identify the next step in your transformation.

Reusable Workflows

Compile and export your workflow with the click of a button.

Instantly equip yourself with expert level Python skills

  • Type your commands in plain English, and Computron will write correct Python code to execute them.
  • Use the data viewer to check that every step is executed as intended.
  • Once you're done, save the code as an automation and reuse it as many times as you need.

Privacy-focused, secure by design.

We ensure no personally identifiable information (PII) is ever exposed to third-party AI providers. Trust in a solution that keeps your sensitive data in-house, where it belongs.